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Shore Excursions/One day toursYour guide will be waiting for you as you leave your cruise ship at Kochi Port. You will be taken back to your ship after a 6 – 8 hour tour depending on your ship’s timing. We regularly serve cruise ships and know how to meet their requirements.THE REAL MARIGOLD HOTEL EXPERIENCEThis is an experience rather than an ordinary tour. Guide will take you safely through the bustle and cacophony of everyday life in Kochi just as we did for the group of celebrities in The Real Marigold Hotel series on the TV series.You will see and do things in Kochi similar to those experienced by the celebrities : local life, major sights, animated streets, colourful markets,tuk tuk ride and more. This is incredible India and you will probably witness unplanned surprises, a wedding, a celebration, a procession,… who knows ?You will be able to take in the atmosphere of Kochi and leave with wonderful memories of our amazing city. Do not forget your camera .

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